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We're putting the 'grass' back in grassroots

Consider this your starter pack for on-the-ground action. We hope this acts as a springboard for your own discovery and action. We're here for any questions, concerns or support you need – whether that's a networking connection, local teammates or motivational words!

Whichever action you decide to take, we want to hear about it! Tag us on social media, or email us to share what you're up to.

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A PDF containing entry-level information and hands-on advice for rewilding

Resources Files-04.png

Another PDF '101', packed with info, tips, tricks and detailed how-to guides


A very incomplete reading list on contact with nature (recommendations welcome!)

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A .zip file containing the UK Pocket Parks prospectus, application form and FAQs

Resources Files-05.png

This takes you straight to the UK's park protection experts: Fields in Trust

Resources Files-06.png

An ongoing list of fascinating scientific findings on nature (dis)connection