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Nature is a Human Right is recruiting an expert Board of Advisors​, to help shape our strategy and increase our impact. If you are passionate about our mission and confident in leading us in fundraising, petitions, audience, operations, business strategy or diversity and inclusion, fill out this form by Friday 1st April 2022 6PM GMT. 

Ellen Miles is an activist, writer and strategist from Hackney, London. She founded Nature is a Human Right in April 2020.

Ellen has served as a board member for environmental charity Global Action Plan and is a Year Here fellow. She is also the founder of Dream Green, a social enterprise that empowers people to become guerrilla gardeners. She edited Nature is a Human Right anthology – a collection of original writing by world-leading scientists, activists, artists and more.

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Ellen Miles

Founder & Director

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Emma Latham-Phillips

Events & Editorial

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Johanna Koen

Book Club



Sarah Krause

License to Plant Campaign


"I believe that by engaging with and learning from nature we can heal the Earth, and in doing so, we heal ourselves too."

Poppy Okotcha



"Contact with nature deepens one's connection to the earth, and our urgency to protect it. Even in the city, looking at a bush or a patch of grass has become like gazing into a treasure trove of healing and potential."

Ayesha Tan-Jones



"Growing up, I never thought of nature as an 'other'. Yet we live in a culture that has made it such. We must reignite our innate awe for the natural world, and ensure everyone is custodian to the wild and wonderful world we stand to lose." 

Clover Hogan


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“I want to see green spaces accessible to everyone. I hope to work with communities and organisations to create good quality green spaces which fit the cultural and social needs of POC and others from diverse backgrounds.”

Hafsah Hafeji


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"Nature has always been a part of us... We need to understand the number of environmental injustices happening throughout the world that are causing people not to have access to healthy environments and green space."

Isaias Hernandez


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"If nature is treated as a human right, perhaps our economic institutions & public policies will follow suit to reshape our communities as nature-oriented, allowing for more accessible, safe avenues for marginalised communities to enjoy it." 

Kristy Drutman


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