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What we do.

Nature is a Human Right is the organisation dedicated to making access to green space a recognised human right, both in title and in practice. This means taking a whole-systems approach, working with the key change-makers at every level:

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International Lobbying

We're campaigning for the United Nations to enshrine access to nature in international human rights law.

In April 2020, Nature is a Human Right launched the first and only public petition to the United Nations that calls for the international organisation to recognise access to a natural environment as a modern day human right.

Working with policy makers to devise strategies that ensure that their constituents have access to nature.

We help people with the power to effect change to devise and implement policies for equitable access to nature, providing social return on investment and measurable impacts.  

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Local Policy

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Grassroots Action

We empower citizens to protect and create high quality public green spaces in their local area.

We help awesome people to increase the net amount of greenery in their neighbourhood, by providing information, resources and support for action. We're also building a movement through community leaders and groups. 

Who's involved?


Nature is a Human Right was founded by activist Ellen Miles. The campaign team includes a growing roster of volunteers and supporters, spanning borders, demographics and fields, including:

Founders, ADAPT Climate Club

Eco-Activists, Educators and Designers

This is such an important idea. We're excited champion and promote the cause as much as possible.



Nature Is A Human Right